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Monday, March 28, 2016

How to clean Prawns / Shrimps ?

Today I am here with a video tutorial of how to clean prawns / shrimps to prepare them for cooking. There are two veins that run in prawns. But they are not actually veins. One in the back of the prawn is the digestive tract, it is dark in colour. The other in the bottom part is actually the nervous system. Some believe that it is not necessary to remove these veins. But the digestive tract contains the food the prawn / shrimp is digesting and it might not taste very pleasant. Couple of times, I had prawns in restaurant and I immediately developed allergic reaction. So I never dared to eat outside / cook at home until one day Hubby took up the task of cleaning prawns properly. Then when I cooked it and I never got any allergic reaction. From then, Hubby does the cleaning while I cook. It is with his help, I shot this video. 
Let us now see how to clean the prawns using hands and a knife.
  1. Twist and pull the head of the prawn.
  2. Remove the legs from the body, then the shells. You can hold the tail and pull it off.
  3. Then there is the digestive tract in the back of the prawn. Run a sharp knife, remove it.
  4. Then turn the prawn to the other side, make another slit and remove the other vein. 
  5. Make sure there are no vein remains in the tail area of the prawn.
  6. Rinse thoroughly. 
If you see this video, it will be more clear. 

The recipes I have tried with Prawn are

Hope this video is really helpful to you all. 


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