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Friday, October 30, 2015

Gulab Jamun with Bread | Bread Jamun Recipe | Easy Diwali Sweets

Today I am going to share Bread Jamun recipe, that is Gulab Jamun made using bread. After all the murukku mania, I wanted to post something sweet and easy to make. So Bread Jamun came to my mind. I have already posted Gulab Jamun made using milk powder. Making Jamuns using bread is very easy and also it is less time consuming. It requires few ingredients only and does not need any special skills. Until you try this, you wont realize how easy is to make this kind of Jamun and also it is tasty.
Bread Gulab Jamun

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thattai Murukku Recipe | Diwali Snack Recipes

Today I am sharing Thattai Murukku recipe here. Some friends of mine used to call this thattu vadai too. This is my favorite type of murukku and my dad used to get a pack specially for me from a shop near home. According to me, that is where they make the best thattai murukku. But now being away from home, I have been missing that murukku, so I started making it myself. Also this is the first variety of murukku I learnt to make. I used to make this for  every diwali since then but still couldn't post this in the blog. This time I definitely wanted to post this in the blog as Diwali special. The recipe is very easy and this does not need special murukku press/maker too. But the key for crispy thattai lies in how thinly you flatten it and also the temperature of the oil has to be perfect, neither too high nor too low. 

Thattai Murukku

Monday, October 26, 2015

Butter Murukku Recipe | Easy Diwali Recipes

Today I am sharing Butter murukku recipe here. My kids are in vacation and I wanted to make something for them to munch on. As diwali is coming near, I thought if I made murukku I can feed both my blog and the kids. I must say this murukku is quite addictive and they were vanishing in a quite high speed. Kids loved this and they wanted to help me while I was making it too. But since this involved oil and frying, I was afraid to let them help. So my daughter helped me by shooting the video of butter murukku making process. It was shot in low light and in phone, so video quality is not the best but since my daughter shot it I had uploaded it in you tube and also thought it might be helpful for beginners in cooking to understand better. Also this is the first video in Divya's Culinary Journey. Coming to today's recipe, I made this butter murukku with store bought rice flour. It is easy to make and even a beginner in cooking can make perfect butter murukkus without any difficulty following this recipe.

Butter Murukku Recipe

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Senai Kizhangu Fry | Yam Fry

Today I am sharing a simple recipe for Yam Fry (Senai Kizhangu Fry). It is one of my favorite vegetable since childhood. It was only after marriage I came to know that this vegetable is also know as Karunai Kizhangu. In English this is called as Elephant foot yam or just as elephant yam. My mom makes different recipes with this yam but the one I love the most is deep fried yam seasoned with salt and chilli powder. Whenever she makes this I would finish my food without any complaints. I tried to recreate the taste of it in this recipe without actually deep frying it. My kids loved this too. 


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chocolate Banana Bread | Eggless Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Today I am going to share Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe. It is a quick bread made with bananas and cocoa powder, also it is Eggless. I had some over ripe bananas and I was planning to bake  Eggless Banana muffins. But my son demanded chocolate cake so I had to change my plan and make Eggless Chocolate Banana bread. It came out very well - so soft and chocolate'y. When he came back from school and saw the chocolate banana bread, he was so happy and he loved its taste too. 

Chocolate Banana Bread made without eggs

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rava Laddu Recipe | Rava Ladoo | Easy Diwali Recipes

I am going to share Rava laddu Recipe today. As it is festive season, fellow bloggers are posting a lot of festive recipes and I wanted to post one too. So I decided to make Rava ladoo, as both my kids are fond of laddus. Specially my elder one likes Laddu made of Rava(semolina) so much. My aunt makes it specially for my daughter whenever we visit her. Rava laddu is a easy to make sweet and it can be made even in the last minute.It will be ready in few minutes and does not require any preparation, also it requires only few ingredients. This version of Rava laddu is the simplest one and does not need any grated coconut or condensed milk. 


Monday, October 12, 2015

Baby Corn Manchurian Recipe | Baby Corn Recipes

I am going to share Baby corn Manchurian recipe today. I prepared the semi dry version and it can be served as an appetizer. This is a Indo Chinese recipe where baby corn fritters are tossed in a sweet,spicy,tangy sauce. I have already posted Gobi Manchurian and Mushroom Manchurian recipe before.  I felt this is very easy to make and just that it is a little time consuming but it is totally worth it. My kids totally loved this baby corn manchurian. Even before the manchurian was ready, my kids kept gobbling the baby corn fritters as I was preparing them. I had to shoo them away to save them from finishing it before I could toss them in the sauce. Then they couldn't wait till I finished clicking the pictures. They loved the end product too. Some how this baby corn manchurian is a great hit at home. It can be served with Vegetable fried Rice or noodles or can be had just as an appetizer.

Easy to make restaurant style baby corn Manchurian

Friday, October 9, 2015

Kadai Paneer Recipe | Restaurant style Kadai Panneer | Easy Paneer Recipes

I am going to share Kadai Paneer recipe today. It is a easy to make dish using paneer, in a spicy tomato sauce, cooked in a Kadai (Wok). It is also known as karahi paneer or kadhai paneer. There are different versions of this dish - dry, semi-gravy or gravy too. This depends on the consistency you prefer. My daughter is a big fan of paneer and I make different varieties of panneer dishes for her. Even the little one has started to like paneer so much that they finish their food faster when paneer is served. So I will be sharing more paneer recipes that I try for them here in my blog. Coming to today's Kadai paneer recipe - It is a very easy to make dish and it can be served with roti/ chappathi or even with mild pulao.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Today I am going to share a simple recipe for Oven Roasted Brussel sprouts. This week Hubby got brussel sprouts fresh from the market, on the way back home from work. I must admit that I am not much familiar with this vegetable. My daughter calls them "baby cabbage" because they look like miniature cabbages. I have prepared this once before and decided to cook these in the same way too- Oven roast them. I tossed them with few ingredients and roasted them in oven and they are ready. We had it just like that as you would eat french fries. They tasted best when they were warm. 

Roasted brussel sprouts recipe

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Strawberry Muffins Recipe (without Eggs & Butter) | Egg less Strawberry Muffins

I have been posting capsicum recipes for the past three days. My daughter was so upset that I have been making capsicum everyday at home and to cheer her up I baked Strawberry muffins for breakfast yesterday. I have already posted strawberry muffin recipe with egg and also Strawberry banana muffins made in whole wheat flour. I usually follow either of the 2 recipes for baking strawberry muffins. But this time I wanted to bake without egg and tried this recipe. It came out so soft and spongy. Kids loved it. It is definitely a fool proof recipe for the perfect egg less strawberry muffin.