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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Avarakkai Kootu (using pasi paruppu) | Avarakkai Poricha Kootu | Avarai Kootu | Indian Broad beans Kootu with moong dal

Today I am sharing here Avarakkai Kootu made with pasi paruppu. It is also known as avarakkai poricha kootu. Kootu is usually made with vegetables like snake gourd, ridge gourd, cabbage, Indian broad beans and dal adding freshly ground spices with coconut. Here I have used Avarakkai / Indian Broad beans and pasi Paruppu / pachai paruppu / split yellow mung beans. This is a healthy and comforting South Indian dish that can be served with rice or even can be had as a side dish for Chappathi.

Avarakkai Kootu using pasi paruppu
Avarakkai Kootu 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tutti frutti Cake recipe with almonds | Fruits and Nuts Cake Recipe | Snack Cake | Bakery style tea cake (using loaf pan)

Today I am posting the recipe for Tutti frutti cake. It is a snack cake  made with tutti frutti (candied fruits) and almonds. I am a great fan of tutti frutti and like adding it to everything when I get a chance. This cake can  be Fruits and nuts cake when you can replace or add other dried fruits like dates, dried cranberries, raisins etc., and nuts of your choice too. This cake is similar to tea cakes served in the bakeries and also this tutti frutti cake is perfect to be served as snack with tea.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Gobi Paratha Recipe | Cauliflower Paratha | How to make Gobi Paratha? | Stuffed Paratha Recipes

Today I am posting here the recipe for Gobi Paratha or Cauliflower Paratha. Gobi Paratha is the Indian flatbread (paratha) stuffed with spicy cauliflower stuffing. The paratha is made out of whole wheat flour and cauliflower stuffing makes it a wholesome dish. Cauliflower is known as gobi or phool gobi. My kids never complain to eat vegetables when they are stuffed in parathas.  I served these gobi parathas with boondi raitha
Gobi Paratha

Monday, January 20, 2014

Easy Fish Fry Recipe | Poricha Meen | Vavval fish fry | Pomfret fish fry - Simple South Indian style fish fry Recipe

Today I am posting the recipe of simple and easy fish fry made in South Indian style. We call this as Poricha meen or Varutha meen or Meen Varuval in Tamil. I have used Pomfret fish / Vavval meen here. But other fishes like king fish(vanjiram), Mahi mahi, cat fish, salmon, tilapia, etc., can be used too. Fish is marinated in spices and are deep fried in Oil. How easy is that? One can never go wrong with this fried fish. It is so easy to make and tastes delicious. 
Poricha Meen

Friday, January 17, 2014

Methi Thepla Recipe - Healthy flat bread made with Fenugreek leaves

After all the festival food, I am back with a healthy and vegan recipe today. It is Methi Thepla. It is a Gujarathi flatbread. It is made with whole wheat flour and besan along with some spices and Methi (fenugreek leaves). It is very healthy and is soft and it stays good for a long time which makes it best for travel. This methi thepla doesn't need an elaborate side dish , it can be had with pickle or raitha. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kalkandu Pongal | Pongal Festival Recipes

kalkandu pongal, sweet pongal with kalkandu
Kalkandu Pongal
The  recipe I am sharing with you all today is Kalkandu Pongal. I made this Kalkandu Pongal today to celebrate Pongal festival. This is a sweet pongal made with Kalkandu (sugar candy). It is easy to make and is yummy. I have already shared the recipe of Sakkarai Pongal here. Coming to today's recipe,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Biscuit Sablés - Egg less French Short bread biscuits

Today I am posting the recipe of Egg less French Short bread biscuits. I baked these cookies for Home Baker's Challenge started by Priya Akka. This month's theme is French bakes. I picked this easy egg less French shortbread biscuits. It is a buttery rich, melt in the mouth biscuits. My kids loved these biscuits. I am also linking this biscuits for the new event started by Sangeetha - Love 2 Bake, where each Monday we will be posting baking recipes. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sakkarai Pongal | Sweet Pongal (using Pressure Cooker)

Pongal is just 2 days away, so here I am posting the recipe for Sakkarai Pongal. Not only for the pongal festival, Sakkarai Pongal is made through out the year for different festivals to offer to God as Prasadam. The recipe I have posted here is using pressure cooker. My mom always makes pongal in the traditional way in a pot. But I have adapted to the modern convenience, so have been making it in the pressure cooker. 
Sakkarai Pongal

Friday, January 10, 2014

Boondi Raitha - Easy Raitha Recipes

Today I am posting the recipe for Boondi Raitha. This is a very easy to make raitha,when boondi is readily available in hand. This raitha goes well with any pulao, biryani or paratha. I served this raitha for gobi paratha. I have already posted the recipe for basic onion raitha.
Boondi Raita

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peanut Chutney / Groundnut Chutney/ Verkadalai Chutney/ Nilakadalai Chutney - Side dish for idli, dosa

Today I am going to share a simple chutney recipe here. It is Peanut Chutney. It is also called as Ground nuts and in tamil it is called as Nilakadalai or Verkadalai. This chutney happens to be my hubby's favorite chutney. It is very easy to make and is delicious. This chutney makes a wonderful side dish for Idly and dosa.
Nilakadalai / Verkaladi Chutney

Monday, January 6, 2014

Egg Puffs - Bakery Style

Egg Puffs are baked puff pastry with spicy egg filling.  It  is one of my favorite snack. Back in India, We used to get these puffs in the local bakeries.  After coming here to US, I came to know it is very easy to prepare this at home with the ready-made frozen pastry sheets available here. I prepared this Egg puff one evening for snack, though it was dark, managed to click pictures to post here.
Egg puffs

Friday, January 3, 2014

Idli Upma / Idly upma - Recipe using leftover Idlis

Today I am here with a simple recipe - Idli Upma. Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover idlis? They might be dry and uninviting to eat them as is. Idli Upma is a great way to use up those left over idlis. You can crumble the idlis  and temper them and an instant and delicious snack is ready. It takes only few minutes and is delicious. I like to eat this Idli upma with sugar sprinkled on top. 
Idli Upma

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cranberry Coffee Cake

Happy New year Friends!! How did your new year celebrations go?? Ours went really great. I am beginning the new year with a cake recipe. I baked this cranberry coffee cake this morning. I had some fresh cranberries in hand and also didn't want anything with frosting. Also I had a bundt pan waiting to be used for the past 6 months. So this cranberry coffee cake ticked all the boxes so without any second thought I decided to bake this coffee cake. The cake came out really well. It is very rich, soft and moist and we all loved this cake. 
Cranberry Coffee Cake