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Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy Home made Strawberry Jam - No Pectin required

As you all know we went for strawberry picking and came back with loads of fresh strawberries. I wanted to try something different which I haven't tried before. I wanted to try making jam almost for a long time now and was postponing it thinking it is a tedious task and only people with good jam making experience can get it right. But I was wrong. I almost tried it as an experiment and it was a success. Now I can happily say I can make jam too at home.. :D
This is very easy to make and requires only 3 ingredients. It tasted almost close to the store bought one. It is time for Vegan Thursday  and since this jam is Vegan too, it is the perfect time to be post it today.
Strawberry jam with fresh strawberries
Easy home made Strawberry Jam- No Pectin Required.
What are the ingredients required?

Strawberries(washed, hulled and chopped), 3 cups
Sugar, 1 1/2 cups
Lemon juice, 3 Tablespoons

homemade strawberry jam recipe
Easy Strawberry Jam
How it is made?
  1. Crush the strawberries well.
  2. Transfer this crushed strawberries to a heavy bottomed pan.
  3. To this add sugar and lemon juice and mix well.
  4. Heat this mixture on a high heat till it starts to boil.
  5. Then stir in regular intervals and reduce the heat till it starts to thicken.
  6. Let the jam cool down, then transfer it to a sterilized jar and store in cool place.
Use as desired. It yields about 1 1/2 cup jam.
Jam with fresh strawberries, Strawberry jam recipe
Strawberry Jam without Pectin

  • Use a tall pot for making jam so that when the jam boils, it wont spill over.
  • To see if the jam has reached the required consistency, perform gel test. Keep a plate in the freezer for 5 minutes. when small amount of jam is put on the plate and returned to freezer for 2-3 minutes, then taken out the jam should set well and not be runny.
  • The jam will not be too thick when hot, it will set to the right consistency as it cools down.
  • If the jam thickens too much while cooking then when it cools down it will become hard as a leather.


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