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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Green Peas Kachori with Spicy Dum Aloo - Bengali style

Today I am here with Green Peas Kachori served with spicy dum aloo. I tried this recipe from fellow blogger Sanoli's space. This is a bengali style dish also known as  Koraishutir Kochuri aur Aloor Dam. Kachori is stuffed with spicy green peas filling and is deep fried and served with spicy baby potatoes. It tasted great and my daughter loved it so much.

Green Peas Kachori/ Koraishutir Kochiri

What are the ingredients needed?

For Kachoris
All purpose flour, 2 cup
Salt, 1/2 teaspoon
Oil, 1 tablespoon (to knead the dough) + more for frying

For the stuffing
Green peas, 2 cup
Green chillies, 2 nos
Grated ginger, 1 teaspoon
Cumin powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Garam masala powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Asafoetida, a pinch
Fennel seeds, 1/2 teaspoon
Oil, 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste

How it is made?
  1. In a bowl combine all purpose flour, oil,salt and add water little by little and keep kneading till you form a smooth dough. Keep it covered and let it rest for at least half an hour.
  2. To prepare the green peas filling- coarsely grind the green peas, ginger and green chillies. Then heat oil in a skillet, add fennel seeds and then asafoetida and fry for a minute, then add the ground peas mixture. Mix well. Then add cumin powder, garam masala powder and salt to taste and mix well. Keep stirring the mixture in medium low heat until all the extra water evaporates and mixture becomes dry. Then turn off the heat and roll the mixture into small balls and set it aside. It yields 12- 14 balls depending on the size you roll.
  3. Now take the resting dough and roll it into small balls.
  4. Then roll it into small disc, place the prepared peas balls in the centre and cover it such that it is completely covered. 
  5. Then roll it again gently till the you get the required kachori shape. 
  6. Heat oil and deep fry the kachori till they are golden brown on both sides. The kachoris will puff like pooris. 
  7. Remove from oil, drain the excess oil in a paper towel and serve it warm with Dum Aloo or any other curry of your choice.

Dum Aloo/ Aloor Dam

What are the ingredients needed?

Baby potatoes, 1 lb
Oil, 2-3 teaspoon
Fennel seeds,1 teaspoon
Cloves, 3-4 nos
Cinnamon stick, 1 small
Bay leaf, 1 no
Green chillies, 2 nos
Tomatoes(Large) 2 nos
Grated Ginger, 2 teaspoons
Asafoetida, 1/4 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder, 1/4 teaspoon
Cumin Powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Chilli powder, 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder, 2 teaspoons
Garam masala, 1 teaspoon
Yogurt, 1/2 cup
Salt, to taste
Cilantro, handful to garnish

How it is made?
  1. Boil the potatoes and peel the skin. Then heat oil in a skillet, fry these potatoes till they turn slightly golden brown. Then set them aside.
  2. In the same skillet, add the fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon stick, bay leaf and fry for a minute or two. Then add asafoetida, tomatoes, grated ginger, green chillies and fry for 2-3 minutes.
  3. To this add turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, and garam masala and mix well and let it cook for few minutes till oil starts seperating on the sides.
  4. Then add the potatoes, mix well and cook for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Then add yogurt mix well and add water to get the required consistency and check the salt and bring it to boil and reduce to simmer for few minutes and then turn off the heat.
  6. Garnish with chopped cilantro.
  7. Serve it with Green Peas Kachori, or any bread of your choice.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quinoa Bluberry muffins (Sugar-less) | Baking with Quinoa

As you have noticed, I have been posting healthy muffin recipes for the past 2 days and today's post will be the final post of the series. It is Quinoa blueberry muffins. Quinoa is said to have lot of health benefits. This is the first time I have baked with quinoa. I wanted to make it sugarless so used agave nectar to sweeten it. Though appearance of the muffin was not so appealing, the taste was good and my kids enjoyed it. Even my Hubby was happy about the muffin as it has Quinoa and has no sugar. It is a healthy breakfast/ snack for kids.
Blueberry muffins with Quinoa, Baking with Quinoa

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oats Carrot Muffins- Savory and Egg-less

 My Hubby always complains when I make something sweet.So specially for him, I wanted to try savory muffins . I tried this oats carrot muffins twice already and Hubby just loved it, both taste wise and also health wise. It has oats, carrots and also made with low fat yogurt and milk. So this muffin is for all health conscious people.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Whole wheat Banana Muffins( Eggless)

Today's recipe is Whole wheat Banana Muffins. I have already posted Banana Muffins which is made with All purpose flour and it has eggs. Today's recipe is made with whole wheat flour, it does not have any eggs and also it is the low calorie version.  These are the healthy muffins loaded with all goodness. 
This week I am taking part in the blogging marathon under the theme- Baking with whole grains. Though I baked these muffins days ago, was waiting for this marathon to start to post the recipe.  To check what the other marathoners are doing click here

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Black Forest Trifle

Valentine's day wishes

Love is in the air. You all know what I am talking about.. It is Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's day, Friends!! What are your plans for this special day? Mine is pretty simple. Hubby has work, Thaara has school. So we have planned a quiet dinner at home. For dessert, I prepared this Black forest trifle. Since I wanted to blog about the dish, I prepared it a day in advance and clicked and let it set in the refrigerator. For taste testing made one and it was over in few seconds. It was yum!! It is chocolate, it has red cherries, what more you need to represent Valentine's day. 
And friends, there is something I wanted to share with you all. Many of you might have noticed, but still I wanted to inform you that our site has moved to its own domain. The new web address is  www.divyasculinaryjourney.com.  
So this dessert is for double celebration - for Valentine's day and moving to own domain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Turkey Kofta Curry- Turkey meat balls in spicy gravy

We had a visitor over the weekend - the winter storm Nemo. Because of which, we are having a llllooooonnngg weekend here. From Friday till today both Hubby and Thaara are home, that is why it is like the weekend is not over at all. The schools are closed tommorow too. Since both are at home today, I prepared this Turkey kofta curry - Turkey meat balls in a spicy gravy. It was lip smacking good and both of them loved it so much.  

What are the ingredients needed?

For the meatballs (koftas)
Ground turkey, 1 lb
Ginger garlic paste, 1 teaspoon
Bread crumbs, 3-4  Tablespoons
Turmeric powder, 1/4 teaspoon
Cumin powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Chilli powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Garam masala, 1/2 teaspoon
Coriander powder, 1 teaspoon
Salt, to taste

To grind into paste
Large Red onion, 1-2 (depending on the size)
Tomatoes, 2-3 nos.(depending on the size)
Ginger, 2 inch piece
Garlic, 5 cloves
Fennel seeds, 1 teaspoon
Poppy seeds, 1 teaspoon
Cloves, 3 -4 nos
Cardamom, 3-4 nos

Other ingredients
Oil, 2-3 teaspoon
Bay leaf, 1 no
Cinnamon stick, 2"
Turmeric powder, 1/4 teaspoon
Chilli powder, 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder, 1 tablespoon
Garam masala, 1 teaspoon
Salt, to taste
Kasoori methi, 1 tablespoon
Cilantro (Chopped), to garnish

How it is made?
  1. In a bowl take all the ingredients listed under 'to make meat balls', mix them well and roll them into balls. (approximately size of a small lemon). It yields around 20 meat balls.
  2. Then grind all the ingredients listed under 'to grind' in to a fine paste.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, add bay leaf and cinnamon stick and fry for a minute or two. Then add the ground paste and fry for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Then add all the powders(turmeric, chilli, coriander, garam masala) and mix well. If needed, add water, and also the required salt  and mix well. Bring this to boil and let it simmer till oil starts separating from the masala.
  5. Add kasoori methi leaves, mix well and adjust the consistency of gravy by adding water, as needed and bring it to boil.
  6. Then reduce the flame and add the prepared meat balls to the gravy. Cover the pan and cook for few minutes. Then gently mix the gravy without breaking the meatballs and cover and cook till the meat balls are cooked thoroughly.
  7. Turn off the heat, garnish with chopped cilantro.
  8. Serve with rice or any flat bread of your choice.

  • In this gravy, instead of ground turkey, you can use ground meat of your choice.
  • Take care not to mix the gravy as soon as you add the meat balls into the gravy. It will break them. So let it cook for few minutes and then gently mix them. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coconut Rice Recipe | Thengai Sadam

Today I am posting a simple recipe, Coconut rice. It is vegan. It is quick, simple and easy to prepare making it  perfect for packing lunch on a busy morning.Or like me. I was in no mood to cook an elaborate meal, so prepared this coconut rice and served it with home made plantain chips. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cake for Celebration- Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse filling covered with Chocolate Ganache

A year back, this is the day my blog baby was born. Though I had created my blog account much earlier it was left untouched until one fine day suddenly I decided to write something, created a blog, baked and posted- My first post , Simple Vanilla Cake.  I can't believe one year has flown by so quick. In this one year, I have learnt a lot. Blogging has made life more interesting and meaningful. I have made lot of good friends.  Everything is good but the only bad thing (not bad, even that is good) might be am always stuck with laptop or tab or my phone checking blog stats, new posts, visiting other blogs, commenting or just chat with my darling friends in Facebook :D mmmmm.. Life is good.. So it is all because of this blog and my blog baby is turning one today which definitely calls for celebration. We had a dessert party in my Facebook page, where all our blogger friends brought their yummy desserts. Thanks a lot friends for your participation. 
So for this occasion, I baked a special cake, Chocolate Cake with chocolate mousse filling covered with chocolate ganache. Yummy Chocolate'y treat. 

Chocolate cake
Recipe Source: Entenmann's Big book of Baking
What are the ingredients needed?
Butter(room temperature), 1/2 cup
Light brown sugar, 1 1/2 cup
Eggs, 2 nos.
Unsweetened cocoa, 3/4 cup
All purpose flour, 2 cups
Baking powder, 1 1/2 teaspoon
Baking Soda, 1 1/2 teaspoon
Salt, 1 teaspoon
Whole milk, 1 cup
Vanilla extract, 2 teaspoon
Boiling water, 1 cup

How it is made?
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease and flour two 8 inch cake pans and line with parchment paper.
  2. Cream butter and sugar together and beat one egg at a time, mixing well.
  3. In another bowl, combine all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt and set them aside.
  4. Slowly add this mixture little by little  to the butter mixture alternating with milk. 
  5. Then to this add the vanilla extract and boiling water and mix well. 
  6. Pour the mixture evenly to the prepared cake pans and bake for 30 minutes or until the fork inserted comes out clean.
  7. Remove and let it cool for atleast 10 minutes, before transferring them from cake pan to prevent the cake from breaking. 

Chocolate Mousse

What are the ingredients needed?

Unflavored gelatin, 1 teaspoon
Cold water, 1 teaspoon
Hot water, 1 teaspoon
Cocoa powder, 1/4 cup
Sugar,1/2 cup
Heavy Cream, 1 cup
Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon

How it is made?
  1. Dissolve the the gelatin in cold water and let it sit for a minute. Then add the hot water mix well until the gelatin is melted.Set aside.
  2. With the electric mixer, beat the heavy cream till it forms soft peaks. 
  3. Whisk together cocoa powder and sugar to remove any lumps. Then add this mixture and vanilla extract to the heavy cream and continue beating for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Finally add the melted gelatin and beat till they are completely mixed.
  5. Now cover this and keep it refrigerated for 30 minutes.

Chocolate Ganache
Recipe Source: Joy of Baking

What are the ingredients needed?
Heavy cream, 3/4 cup
Semi sweet chocolate chips, 1 cup
Butter, 2 tablespoon

How it is made?
  1. Place the chocolate in a heat proof bowl.
  2. Heat the heavy cream  and butter in pan and bring it to boil.
  3. Then add this mixture to the chocolate bowl and let it stand for few minutes.
  4. Then whisk them together gently until it is smooth.
Final assembly of the cake.
  1. Once baked let the cake cool completely. 
  2. When the cake is baked it  forms a crown and it has to be removed to get a flat surface. That is called leveling. I used a cake leveler to do that. You can use a long serrated knife too.
  3. Both the cake are leveled. Place one layer of the cake, apply the chocolate mousse and spread it around smoothly on top and then place the next layer. Such that two layers are sandwiched together. If there are any leftover mousse reserve for decoration.
  4. Now brush off any crumbs. Apply a thin coat of ganache to give a coating. Let it set and then cover the whole cake with ganache. Let it set completely before the final decoration.
  5. Finally, fill the leftover mousse in a piping bag, with the star tip, drop splotches around the perimeter of the cake and top it with glazed cherries.
  6. Store the cake in refrigerator, till it is ready to be served.