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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mysore Pak - for the Challenge!!

When Divya Pramil announced the South Vs North Challenge , I loved the concept and wanted to take part in it, so mailed her expressing my interest and got a reply from her, if I would be willing to challenge the North Team. I said, I would be glad to. So here I am posting the challenge for the north team, "Mysore Pak", traditional south Indian dessert. 

I know there might be quite few of you who might be wondering what this is all about? This Challenge is the brain child of Divya Pramil.Its a monthly challenge. There are two teams - One for North India and the Other for South India. Each team will challenge the other with the recipe. Like now for the month of October, I from the South team challenging the north team with Mysore Pak, and all the members from North will try this and link it here and similarly Shruti from north has posted be the challenge for the south team to make Bhelpuri Chaat here. The main aim of this is to learn the regional recipes of India. For more information click here

Coming to the recipe, Mysore Pak is a traditional South Indian dessert. According to wikipedia, it was originated in the royal kitchens of Karnataka. It is made of Ghee, Sugar and Gram flour. Usually all South Indians make it during Diwali.  But am no expert in making it. So the person I turned on to for help is my neighbor, Geetha. She was kind enough to come home and make it for me. As she was making, I was clicking, so am able to give step wise pictures for you here. 

The ingredients needed?

Besan/ Gram flour, 1/2 cup
Oil, 1/4 cup
Sugar,1 cup
Water,1/2 cup
Ghee,1/2 cup (approximately)

How it is made?

  • Prepare a tray by greasing it with ghee and keep it aside.
  • Mix oil and Besan.

  • In a pan mix sugar and water, Boil them to get the required consistency of syrup. The required consistency is when you drop syrup in a bowl of water, it should stand without getting dissolved.

  • Then add the besan mixture to the syrup and keep stirring. 

  • Add ghee little by little and keep stirring.
  • You have to keep stirring till the mixture changes in texture and starts leaving the edges. There is light change in color too.

  • Pour this into the prepared pan. It hardens immediately.
  • Grease the knife with ghee and cut them to the desired shape. When it is still warm turn the plate and remove them.
  • Store them in the air tight container and enjoy

  • Use a non stick pan, for cooking it makes it easier.
  • Consistency of sugar syrup is more important.
  • Keep stirring, never take your hand away.
  • As stirring, keep adding the ghee with the other hand till you get the desired consistency, not necessary you have to add all the 1/2 cup though. so it is approximate measure.
  • Prepare the pan ahead, as you wont have time later, once the required stage is reached immediately transfer to the pan. 
  • Slice it to required shape while it is still warm.

Dear North Team, 
So here is the challenge, recreate this mysore pak and link it to the linky tool given below. In case of any doubt, feel free to mail me @ c.divyaprakash@gmail.com
My Facebook page. Divya's Culinary Journey
Best of luck from me and the South Team.
Divya Prakash


  1. mouthwatering Divya!!! you got a very nice neighbor....

  2. Divya, i too had this in mind, good choice. yours looks perfect.

  3. Looks awsome.....well explained with clicks of each step..best wishes for ur mysore pak...

  4. Wow! Really awesome Divya..Perfect to start this event with sweet.Yummy..Mysore Pak our favourite.. Tamil Nadu's most favourite one..

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  7. It looks perfect Divya..simple way of making mysore pak..i know how difficult it will be to make perfect mysore pak...

  8. Mysore pak rocks, such a wonderful texture..

  9. oh my that looks so yum, i havent had a mysore pak in so long...i shud pick some up on my next indiangrocery store visit

  10. Looks so perfect, very neat slices..

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  12. Mysore pak looks delicious.

  13. Great concept! All the best :)

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  15. Lovely Lovely... Now Have it... Ha ha ha :)

  16. mouth watering they look so delicious..

  17. Wow! This is super duper cool!! Love it! I am going to try it today and see how it comes out. I am super excited.

  18. Challenge completed and entered :-) Everyone loved it!

  19. Cant resist this one Divya, so looking forward to make it for Diwali and SNC :)

  20. Hi Divya,I made this for SNC this month and it came out so well! Have posted it on my blog :)

    1. Hi PJ, Thanks for trying this and giving your feedback. Am glad it came out well :)


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