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Friday, August 17, 2012

2 minutes Chocolate Mug Cake

Today's recipe is 2 minutes chocolate mug cake.i.e., the time for mixing it and making it ready is 2 minutes. I found this recipe, even before I started blogging and have been making this mug cake whenever I feel like having cake but not enough patience to bake a whole cake and wait for more than 30 minutes to get that ready. This is easy, takes less time and since everything is mixed in the mug itself, easy for cleaning. I have been wanting to post this recipe here for quite sometime now and finally posting it today. 

Original recipe from Home of the lazy dog

What are the ingredients needed?

All-purpose flour, 3 Tbs
Cocoa Powder, 2 tsp
Baking Soda, a pinch
Salt, a pinch
Sugar, 2 Tbs
Vegetable Oil, 2 tsp
Water, 2 Tbs
Vanilla extract, 1/4 tsp
Chocolate syrup, to drizzle on top
Chopped almonds to decorate

How it is made?
  1. Combine flour, cocoa, salt, sugar and baking powder in the mug.
  2. Then add vegetable oil, water and vanilla extract and mix well till they are homogeneous and there are no lumps. 
  3. Then place in microwave and switch it on for 1.5 minutes.
  4. Let it cool, drizzle some chocolate syrup, decorate with some chopped almonds and enjoy.

  • Alternatively, you can mix in another bowl, transfer to the mug and microwave. If doing in the mug itself, take care to see all the flour is mixed well. 
  • Take care not to microwave for long, then the cake will be dry, settings of each microwave may be different, check yours and adjust the timing accordingly.


  1. I am yet to try out this mug cake..have been seeing lots of recipes.
    Looks yummy Divya..and lovely clicks..

  2. So lovely and tempting :) Cute clicks..:)

  3. Same pinch, even I like to opt for this cake due to lack of patience, yours is come out so soft & spongy :)

  4. Love mug cakes -- quick and easy to make.. Love the last picture and the caption :-)

  5. I want that!! Looks SO yummy. Lovely clicks Divya.

  6. That's too good Divya, I love this 1 min cake anytime..

  7. Feeling hungry by seeing your yummy cake. Lovely instant cake dear. Bookmarked!

  8. even i make this often...and love it each time...sometimes make it just for me..when i am working late....the best way for me

  9. lovely one looks perfect... i had tried this sometime back it turned out to be disaster :( the cake was hard for me... but will try your method dear

  10. I know how tasty and addictive this easy breezy cake will be, excellent kid's friendly cake definitely.

  11. love these personalized mug cakes..just take one and sit in a corner...and enjoy it..mmm...lovely!!..and thanks Divya for linking it to the event.

  12. A instant recipe to enjoy chocolate! lovely clicks Divya!

  13. Cute pictures,the texture looks awesome.

  14. mug cake is very interesting one..

  15. looks so easy to prepare and delicious... mouthwatering!

  16. Awesome cake. I posted mine a while ago. Its addictive,right?

  17. simple and yummalicious cake. nice click.

  18. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Looks so delicious...

  19. I haven't baked in microwave yet, so this for sure is exciting for me. Will get back on how it went. :)
    Thanks for linking.

  20. Can i bake this in a baking oven instead of using microwave?

  21. Hi Divya,

    I have been thinking to bake mug cakes since long but apprehensive as I am not sure, what kinda mugs can go in...just a bit scared to see something exploding into MWO...can a regular coffee mug go in?


    1. You can use any mug that is microwave safe.. Do give it a try.

  22. I tried it yday and it came out pretty well.


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