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Friday, May 25, 2012

Thakkali Chutney/ Tomato Chutney

Today's recipe is this yummy tomato chutney. My mom used to make this at home. When she says for dinner it is chappathi and tomato chutney, thats all, chappathis will disappear very fast. This is the first ever chutney I learnt to make when I started my cooking. Mom was working. So sometimes  when she is so tired after coming back from work, she would ask me to make chutney and the rest she would take care. So always my first choice was this chutney and second preference to coconut chutney.  :) I think this pairs well with  chappathi but hubby prefers it with dosa. For me this combo, is nostalgic.
Thakkali Chutney
What are the ingredients needed?

Large Tomato, 4 nos.
Onion, 1 no.
Green chillies, 2 -3 nos.
Turmeric powder, 1/4 teaspoon
Mustard seeds, 1/4 teaspoon
Curry leaves, 1 sprig
Cilantro, to garnish
Oil, 2 tsp
Salt, to taste

How it is made?
  1. Puree the tomatoes in a blender.
  2. In a sauce pan, heat oil add mustard seeds, and when they crack add onions, slit green chillies and curry leaves. Saute them till onions turn translucent.
  3. Then add turmeric powder and pureed tomatoes to this, mix well and add salt to taste and simmer it for 10-12 minutes. The mixture will turn colour from pale red to bright red when it is cooked and ready.
  4. Turn off the stove and serve it with chappathis, dosas or even idli's.

Tomato Chutney


  1. a perfect all purpose chutney that will go with anything

  2. Tangy andyummy chutney,mouthwatering

  3. tangy and delicious! always a hit in our house!

  4. You got the perfect color for your theme looks yummm.

  5. awesome chutney............

  6. The colour of the chutney itself tempts me a lot..am loving it.

  7. Delicious looking chutney,loved the colr ,we do make the same and call it as tomato gothsu...

  8. Bright and yummy Chutney Divya :)

  9. a perfect accompaniment to roti!

  10. Lovely spicy chutney! Looks amazing!

  11. wow..very vibrant...chutney looks delicious!


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