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Monday, February 6, 2012

Wilton basic cake decorating class- First class

I was super excited to attend the first class.The actual fees for the course was 45$ but this month there is a special offer of 50% i.e, 22.50$ for this course. Is' nt that great?  They gave a list of items to be brought to the first class, when i registered for the course. As per the list, we got the supplies required for the class, one week before itself.The decorating basics kit actually costs 34.99$ but used a 40% coupon for it.(dont miss the coupons- why miss savings??). It has all the tools required for this basic decorating class. Then ready to use icing ,cookies to decorate, pen pencil, scissors etc., were among the other supplies required.
 Though class was in the evening only, it seemed like i spent the whole day for getting ready for it. Make the kids eat lunch, bake cookies for the class, cook dinner, then give them evening snacks, clean the house etc., etc., It was like never ending list of tasks. Hubby came home from work and gave a helping hand, otherwise getting out of the house would have been impossible. But, I was 15 minutes late to the class and was very nervous. Ms.Debra Bailey was the instructor. She was very friendly and she made me feel at ease and introduced  the other members in the class to me.
She is a very experienced person. She gave us various tips about baking a cake and other required tools for baking and decorating, how to prepare butter cream icing( though its called butter cream icing, recipe calls for using vegetable shortening), various consistencies of icing and its uses, how to use couplers and decorating bag, how to level the cake and make it ready for decoration etc., etc, She also demonstrated by leveling the cake , torting and filling between the layers and then icing the cake.
Class was really wonderful. It was full of great people- most of them were experienced in baking, except for two teenage girls who had accompanied their moms who were experts.(So its only me, who is taking baby steps in baking and decorating).One of the girl was wearing "Carlo's Bakery" apron.  She talked about her visit there. She couldnt meet Buddy but met Mauro, Marie and Grace. There were other chit-chats too. But still everything revolved around baking. Some terms were like greek and latin to me. There is still a lot to learn. Towards the end of the class, we practised using star tip in the practise board given with the kit and then decorated the cookies.  
 Here are the cookies.. How do they look??
Am looking forward for the next class. Definitely there is a lot of homework to do -  baking a single layer cake, preparing icing, mixing the required colours etc., But everything is worth for the end result.  :)


  1. you are so lucky to attend the class...how i wish i could too..

    1. Yeah Ramya.. I wanted to attend the class for a long time. But only got time now. May be u will get some opportunity too sometime.. :)

  2. Very interesting! cookies look nice


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